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French Professor Cathie VIX-GUTERL delivered a Lecture on Carbon Material
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  On the evening of September 27th, Prof. Cathie VIX-GUTERL, director of Mulhouse School of Material Science, visited ICARE and delivered a lecture on "High performance Carbon Materials of Energy Storage System". Philippe MAURIN, scientific attaché of French Consulate General in Wuhan, Prof. Luo Xiaobing, ICARE Chinese Co-Dean, Prof. Hu Song head of ICARE Research Center, Mrs. Liu Yang, head of Education Center and 100 students attended this lecture. The lecture was chaired by Sun Henan from class 2016.



  Prof. Cathie VIX-GUTERL is a senior professor of Mulhouse School of Materials Science, France, who received the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) Innovation Award in 2016 and has a rich experience of research, innovation, higher education and management in public research and innovation organization fields. She is one of founders and the present director of Carnot Institute MICA. As a professor of materials science, she pointed out the electrochemical energy storage system (battery and electric double layer capacitor) is an important part of improving system energy efficiency. She also introduced new electrochemical carbon materials, carbon-based material design and research of relevant new methodologies. The methodology mainly states that "the interaction between the carbon and the electrolyte in the first cycle is decisive for the performance of system". Prof. Cathay VIX-GUTERL answerd questions raised by students about how to solve sodium ions are difficult to be embedded on the electrodes and will traditional energy storage systems be replaced. In the end, Prof. Cathie VIX-GUTERL posed for pictures with ICARE teachers and students.



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