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Dr. Yves QUENEAU delivered a lecture on "Green Chemistry and Sustainable Technology" in ICARE
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  On November 16th , Dr. Yves QUENEAU (CNRS) visited our institute and delivered a lecture on "Green Chemistry and Sustainable Technology". ICARE European co-dean Michel Farine, European Executive Director Michel Aublant, research and consulting center staff Mr. Li Zhitian and more than 40 graduate students attended this lecture. This lecture was hosted by ICARE class 2016 student Sun Hao.


  Dr. QUENEAU is a research director at CNRS, head of the Organic and Bioorganic team of ICBMS at INSA Lyon, deputy director of the main synthetic organic chemistry department of the University of Lyon and. He has won bronze medal of CNRS and prize for scientific innovation for his research on alternative uses of renewable carbohydrates.His main research direction is applications in sustainable chemistry and in biological chemistry, Bioorganic chemistry, design and multistep synthesis of signaling molecules, inhibitors of the quorum sensing.


  Dr. Yves QUENEAU described the inseparable relationship of chemical and daily life, such as laundry detergent, cosmetics, medicines and so on. Chemical technology makes people's life quality improved, and extend human’s life; nevertheless chemical also brought some negative effects, such as chemical pollution accidents in Seveso, Italy. He introduced the principle and process of refining of biomass carbohydrates and polysaccharides components by chemical means. After the lecture, Dr. QUENEAU answered many questions, in particular on "technical means for separation of biomass components" and on "chemistry of cosmetics ". In the end, Dr. Yves QUENEAU posed for pictures with ICARE students.


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