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Mr. Demersay delivered a lecture on "Nuclear Energy: Challenges for the Future" in ICARE
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  On December 15th , 2016, Mr. Jean-Marie Bourgeios-Demersay, French Dean of Sino- French Institute of Nuclear Engineering & Technology, delivered a lecture on "Nuclear Energy: Challenges for the Future". Scientific attaché of French consulate general in Wuhan Philippe Maurin, Director of HUST Department of energy and Power Engineering Prof.Yang Jun, ICARE European dean Prof. Michel Farine, ICARE European director Mr.Michel Aublant, ICARE research and consulting center director Prof. Hu song, HUST center for gravitation experiments Prof. Jean-Michel Le Floch attended lecture. This lecture was chaired by Li Hanjian from class 2018.


  Mr. Demersay was chief operating officer of Orange France Telecom in the Alps Region from 2004 to 2007 and vice president of Grenoble Institute of Technology from 2008-2010.


  At the beginning, Mr. Demersay made a brief self –introduction in Chinese. Then he introduced the development process and analyzed future development trend of nuclear energy. Followed by illustrations of basic knowledge of reactor physics and reactor engineering, he showed the current and future development of nuclear technology, cited the Japanese Fukushima power plant and China's nuclear waste disposal as examples to analyze nuclear technology security constraints . In the next questions and answers session, Mr. Demersay patiently answered questions of "nuclear safety", "specific treatment of non-recyclable parts of nuclear waste" and "specific attentions in nuclear energy research lab” .


  In the end,Mr. Demersay posed for pictures with all audience.


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