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The 5th ICARE General Assembly Meeting Was Held Successfully
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  On April 20th, 2017, the 5th ICARE General Assembly Meeting was held in MINES Paristech in Paris France.

  This meeting was organized by ICARE project Paris office. Participants of the meeting are ICARE project coordinator Prof. Didier Mayer, ICARE project manager Mr. Guillaume Macaux, Deputy Director of HUST International Exchange Center He Gang, Wuhan University of Technology School of Materials and Engineering Prof. Liu Hanxing, Southeast University School of Energy and Environment Prof. Dong Wei, National Technical University of Athens Dr.George Caralis, Zaragoza University Prof. Inmaculada ARAUZO, Northumbria University Prof.Nicola PEARSALL, University of Perpignan Dr. Audrey SoumGlaude, La Sapienza CIRPS Dr. Mariagrazia ELEUTERI, CHIMIES Paristech Prof. Michel Cassir. ICARE Chinese dean Prof. Luo Xiaobing, European dean Prof. Michel Farine, Chinese executive director Yi Hui and other colleagues.


  Participants discussed about 2016 annual work report, financial report, 2017 annual work plan, financial budget. Discussion focused on the degree earning situation and financial issue for the post funding period after November 14, 2017.

  The next day, He Gang, Prof.Luo Xiaobing, Prof. Michel Farine and Ms. Xie Chunhua had a visit to PSL (Paris Sciences et Lettres-PSL Research University) with Director of International and European Affairs of PSL Mr. Christopher CRIPPS, Deputy Director of International and European Affairs of PSL Mr. Mathieu LE TRAON, Head of Asian Affairs of PSL Mrs. Jing WANG.


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