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COOPOL Conference Held in Our Institute
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On the afternoon of July 5, China-France Innovation Cluster Cooperation—Partner Relationship Project (COOPOL Project) Conference was held in the multimedia meeting room 210 of our institute. The project is developed by Science and Technology Service Office of Embassy of France in China to strengthen project cooperation between China and France.

In the conference, the French party introduced the specific information, current development situation, reserve of talents and technology, external operation projects, well-known internationalization cases, etc. of Technology Center of NOBATEK Company and I2MAcademic Research Laboratory; and focused on the introduction of specific technical characteristics of NOBATEK Company and I2MLaboratory when they develop innovation methods and instruments for sustainable buildings on the basis of powerful technological support and applied such methods and instruments in the field of sustainable building with the support of project owners and architects. On this basis, the French party proposed the conception of cooperation with China, including educational projects, applied research and development exchange platform as well as involving in newly-built projects/rebuilt projects, among which reception of Chinese students to study and practice in France was involved.

The participants of our institute include European Co-Dean Professor Michel Farine; Professor Hu Song, director of Research Center; Mr Cedric Denis-Remis, European executive director. The French participants include Caroline BERLAND, project official of science and technology office of Embassy of France in China; Mr. Marc BONDIOU, consul of science and technology of French Consulate in Wuhan; Mrs. Bettina Le Galiard, science and technology development project supervisor of NOBATEK Company; Mr. Laurent MORA lecturer from TREFLE Department of Mechanics and Engineering School of University of Bordeaux.

The conference was carried on in an enthusiastic and amicable atmosphere.


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