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Mr. LE NORMENT Paid a Friendly Visit to Our Institute
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On the morning of June 14, Mr Jean-Jacques LE NORMENT, the Deputy Director of Brittany’s Economic Agency, the EU oceanic renewable energy market and related economic model expert, the Leader of Development of the Brest Harbor, and the Regional Coordinator of Oceanic Renewable Energy Resource Strategies and Operations, was invited to visit our institute.

During the visit, a meeting was held in the multimedia conference room 210 of the West Building No. 5. In the meeting, Professor Hu Song, the Director of Research Center, gave detailed introduction to the related situations from different facets. While exchange of ideas, both parties conducted in-depth discussions on practical problems for utilization of oceanic energy, including: 1. which factors to determine the scientific research projects and directions of our institute; 2. reasonable and effective storage of energy resources; 3. how to integrate the oceanic energy technologies with the dams in China represented by the Three Gorges Dam; 4. integration of oceanic energy and wind energy; 5. mutual impacts with ecological system during practical use of tidal energy; 6. prophase long-time investigation and testing as the key point etc.

The meeting was held in the warm collision of scientific thinking and the amicable and friendly atmosphere. It was presided over by Professor Hu Song with the presence of related administration staff of our institute.


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