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Lecture on Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy Held by Our Institute
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In the morning of May 25, Professor Gilles FLAMENT, the Director of Processes, Materials and Solar Energy Laboratory (PROMES-CNRS), was invited to give a lecture on the “Concentrated solar thermal energy, from lab research to industrial development” in the academic report hall 217 inthe West Building No.5.

First, ICARE European Co-Dean Prof. Michel Farine of the delivered a warm welcome speech. In the lecture, Professor FLAMENT laid emphasis on the related situations of PROMES laboratory, concentrated solar power and fuel, global distribution of utilizable solar energy resources, hot technological issues in relevant fields, the state-of-art research progress, main characteristics of future technologies, challenges for research and development, as well as prospect for future etc. In case any aspects linked to China, Professor would brief the situations in China.

All teachers and students attending the lecture were attracted by the world-leading technologies and their desire for knowledge was fully aroused.

ICARE Chinese Co-Dean Professor Huang Shuhong of ICARE was present at this lecture.

Please contact Room 206, West Building No.5, ICARE for the courseware in PDF format,

Tel: 87559714.


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