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ICARE Held the 2017 Annual Debriefing and Assessment Meeting
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  On January 12th, ICARE held the 2017 annual debriefing & assessment meeting of staff members. ICARE Chinese Co-dean Prof.LUO Xiaobing, Chinese Executive Director&Vice-dean Mr.YI Hui, Research Center Director Prof.HU Song, Financial Center Director Mr.LYU Guangdong, and other ICARE Chinese team members attended the meeting.

  According to the assessment requirement, all the Chinese staff delivered respectively a report on their work in 2017 and future plan in 2018. Mr.YI gave praises to their work of last year and put forward his sincere expectaions. He hoped during this new year, all the staff could further strengthen political study and raise service awareness; enhence team solidarity and learn from each other; bear more responsibilities to perfect the institute’s management system and performance.Prof.LUO firstly extended his thanks to the contributions that all the staff had made for the development of the Instiute.Then, he analyzed the present state and future prospect of the Institute. He concluded the meeting by hoping that the team members would work closely to meet the challenges of the Instiute and boost its excellence and by doing so improve their own abilities.