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ICARE Exchange Students in Europe--Written by CHI Huanying
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Written by: Chi Huanying


Thanks to ICARE for providing me an opportunity to have internship in Nice, France during master period. In these several months from Spring to Autumn, studying in French have left many wonderful waves in my memory ocean!


I remember when I just arrived at MINES-Paristech Sophia Antipolis campus and went to claim the protective equipment after receiving several rounds of safety training. My nose is very small and most Europeans have typical high and big noses. So the goggles of the laboratory are completely not suitable for me. Even if I press the glasses of the goggle tightly against my face, the goggle will slide down when I lower my head. Pierre, person-in-charge of the laboratory safety, is a cute teacher who is very efficient in work . He shaked his head after letting me have a trial wear of all goggles of different model in the laboratory and then let me choose a goggle that is relatively suitable for me for the time being. He found a face mask with full-cover the next day and said that this would be safer and have fewer requirements on the nose. For this, I really appreciated that Pierre can spare half an afternoon to look for the suitable goggle for me. Unexpectedly, he took me to discuss the issue with teachers of other teams several days after. Eventually, a new type goggle suitable for Asian students was born after combining the eastern and western wisdoms. This new type of goggle also has a braid fix it behind the head.


When I was doing the plasma experiment, two French boys were having internship under the guidance of teacher Frederic. They were arranged to accompany me to ensure the safety of the experiment. These two boys were particularly shy. I just learned that they were high school students after chatting tepidly with them for half an afternoon. I was impressed that foreign high school students can have such a good conditions for practices when watching them successfully building an experimental platform and praised for their hands-on ability!


My European supervisor Laurent, 57 years old, commissioned the plasma furnace and did the experiments in person and often missed the lunch without any complaint. This furnace has been more than 20 years old. Till now, he still does the experiments in person and was proud to introduce the workflow of the equipment, the brightness and temperature in the furnace. When he introduced the furnace, he looked like a proud La Coq gaulois, showing his love in scientific research and pride in his own scientific research equipment. I fully admire him. As a matter of fact, this is also a good life, unswervingly heading towards the study direction that he is convinced and being proud of his own scientific research results. It is really good!