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ICARE Exchange Students in Europe--Written by LEI Yuting
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In the film "Midnight in Paris" written and directed by Woody Allen, there is an impressive line, i.e. "Paris is the hottest spot in the universe". In May this year, I fortunately came to Paris, a romantic and bright city for a 4-month research internship.

From Monday to Friday, Idepart from the International University City of Paris where I live and go to the Center des Matériaux, a laboratory owned by the MINES ParisTech in Evry, a suburb of Paris for study and work.


In the laboratory, I have participated in an experimental study focusing on "Corrugated Electrodes/Electrolytes Interfaces in SOFC". And I have gradually mastered the experimental methods, explored the experimental process, and obtained some substantive results under the guidance and support of Dr.André-Pierre, Dr.Anthony and my supervisor Prof.Alain. Of course, I also feel the academic atmosphere when students and teachers of different colors around the world communicate together.



On weekends and holidays, I usually roam around the scenic spots, streets and corners in Paris with its vast and complex transportation network to enjoy the feast for the eyes. Seine River, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Louvre Museum...... there are so many attractions in Paris, a beautiful city both in daytime and at night.




Time flies, and my internship is drawing to a close. Looking back the experience during the period, I want to thank ICARE Institute for the internship opportunity sincerely. During the internship period, I not only learn the advanced technology and expand my horizon, but harvestmany happy memories. I wish I won't forget my original intention and can move forward bravely. And I hope that ICARE can forge ahead passionately, progress with each passing day, cultivate talented students from generation to generation and become renowned around the world!