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ICARE Exchange Students in Europe--Written by WANG Tingxu
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In May 2017, I was fortunate to have a 4-6 month internship at MINES ParisTech. I am very grateful to the Institute for providing me such a rare opportunity to study abroad. I stepped into a laboratory in the outskirts of Paris and started my exploration of a new life.


A good research atmosphere helped me to quickly integrate into a large group. Communicating with partners in different colors and regions benefited me a lot, and added a lot of fun to my research and life. Teachers and students often gather together and discuss the topic internship program. They are rigorous in research while enthusiastic about life.


In the beginning, I was really surprised about the slow pace of life here, and wondered why supermarkets closed over the weekend. I often inadvertently find beauty in Paris. I would stop and enjoy for a moment, to save energy for going forward.


The exchange students of ICARE in France gather sometimes together to communicate our aboard experience and learn from each other to enhance our friendship. We wish ICARE better and better!