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ICARE Winter Camp Team Visit École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris
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On November 26th -28th 2018, ICARE winter camp teams visited European cooperative university- École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris( MINES Paristech) to exchange with their counterparts.

On November 26th 2018, the team of global governance led by Ms.Liang Yuanyuan, counselor for ICARE students, arrived at Paris for an investigation trip to MINES Paristech. Mr. Jerome Adnot, vice president of MINES Paristech, welcomed the team, answered their questions about the campus life of Chinese students studying there and their career development.

Before the round-table conference, Ms. Liang thanked MINES Paristech for its invitation and  introduced ICARE, its running pattern, major background and efforts in improving the international competitiveness of its students in the workforce. After that, studentsintroduced their personal development planning and research direction to teachers of MINES Paristech.

Afterwards, Ms. Alma Catala, deputy director of International Relation of MINES Paristech, introduced international exchange conditions, cultivating mode and internship and employment situation of students in Mines Paristech. Various cultivating modes have aroused our students' enormous interest; they raised questions about overseas students and elite education, vocational competence training, career planning and cooperation between university and enterprise. Ms. Alma and Professor Alain THOREL, ICARE coordinator answered those questions in a detailed way.

ICARE team led by Ms. Kou Fangling, assistant director of  ICARE Administration Center  arrived at MINES Paristech on November 28th 2018. Professor Alain THOREL, Mr.Vincent BRENIE, director of Department of International Relation of MINES Paristech, Ms. Carine Van Loo, assistant of director of Graduate Academic Affairs Section and Mr. Gautier Bouzoud, president of Corporate Liaison Department of MINES Paristech student union gave them a warm reception.

Mr. Vincent BRENIE gave an overall introduction to MINES Paristech and explained its characteristics, cultivating mode and students' internship and employment conditions. ICARE students showed great interest in the cultivating mode of elite education of French engineer school and communicated with him about different practices carried out by Chinese and French universities for master instruction, scientific research and internship and employment.


Ms. Kou Fangling expected that student union and students of the two universities shall enhance communication, in order for them to learn from each other and achieve common progress. She also expressed the hope of leaders from ICARE for further student union and student exchanges between the two universities. At last, she introduced the objectives of the trip to MINES Paristech and thanked MINES Paristech for its warm reception.

As the representative of ICARE graduate union, Mr. Zhou Zhenxin introduced routine activities, distinguished international exchange activities and featured social practices of the union. He expressed the objectives of ICARE of striving to become the bridge among international companies, organization and students and an internationalized student union. He also explained the current guiding principle of the union—"bringing in and going out" and expressed their hope for expanding exchange with the student union of MINES Paristech and holding international activities jointly with it.

Mr. Gautier Bouzoud gave us a brief introduction of structure, member election, mode of liaison between the university and enterprises and fund source of graduate union of MINES Paristech. He also introduced teaching activities in the form of practical training leaded by the student union, practical operational problems solved by them for the enterprises and some quality developing activities which was interest and conducive to intellect growing. The last part was free exchange, in which students of the two universities conducted in-deep discussion on the curriculum, work content, summer camp and internship mechanism of them.

Thanks to Professor Alain THOREL, who has coordinated this trip and welcomed ICARE team warmly. Via the in-depth exchange, our students have a better understanding of our European partner and gain confidence in its scientific research and teaching strength. They also learn the running mode of student union of MINES Paristech through communication with it. Through amiable consultation between members of the two teams and representatives of MINES Paristech, the two parties have reached preliminary consensus on sending interns for short-time exchange, promoting internship in enterprises and facilitating ICARE’s joining in the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) upon the recommendation of MINES Paristech.

The winter camp has two squads. One team consists of members from HUST Association for Global Governance and Sustainable Development. Primary objective of their trip is to exchange with the Office of International Communication of MINES Paristech and learn the school running system and characteristics of the university regarding international vocational ability development. Another team comprises members from ICARE graduate union. The purposes of their trip include: learn the instruction and scientific research modes of the European partner and its laboratory, understand requirements for studying abroad and paying exchange visit and the application procedures; learn the operation mode and team concept of the European student union, exhibit outstanding achievements, outlook and vision of student union of ICARE and seek for opportunities in cross-border cooperation between student unions of both sides.


Huang Shaocheng: I find out my shortcomings in the postgraduate study during the Paris trip: Due to insufficient summarization of literature learning and the lack of practical internship experience, my former scientific research study in the laboratory focuses on theoretical derivation and analysis and seldom covers practical industrial production. Suggestion: Apply for internship opportunities to the companies conducting businesses related with the research direction when appropriate; communicate with the supervisor to learn relevant study experience; communicate with classmates, senior schoolmates and teachers to obtain professional advices.

Huang Tianyue: The elite education mode of MINES Paristech has impressed me deeply. The 8-month internship opportunity provided by it in the second academic year of the postgraduate education is a critical chance to examine the learning outcome. And MINES Paris Tech and the student union have established important communication bridge between the students and the enterprises, providing postgraduates with the opportunity of applying their knowledge. This kind of training mode has tremendously promoted personal development of postgraduates, better integrated postgraduate education with social development, and provided a vast amount of elites which is capable of solving actual problems for the society. Principles guiding its basic scientific research, simple as they are, lay foundation for deeper research.

Liu Ruyi: The library of MINES Paristech has impressed me most. Small as it is, it will make you immersed in the fragrance of knowledge the moment you enter in. There are three or four rows of books standing crowdedly in a still and ordered manner around you and several desks are set the middle of the library. Some students are engaging in some businesses earnestly, which make you feel that the least noise produced is a desecration of knowledge.

Zhangyuan: While exchanging in MINES Paristech, an undergraduate talked about his internship in an enterprise with great confidence and composure. He seemed to be more confident and courageous than me as a postgraduate. From him, I learns that I have to not only put high demand on me in academic work but also set a clear direction for myself in internship and be more confident and courageous in acting out.

Zhen Zhenxin: We exchanged with students from MINES Paris Tech and National Technical University of Athens in symposiums. We can borrow from their experience in the independent and democratic way of affair dealing and communication method with the enterprise of their student union in our future work.

Lei Yuling: In the beautiful campus of MINES Paristech, I felt the charm of elite education. Its perfect cultivating mode, internship mechanism and the broad sphere in which the university cooperates with the enterprises provide its students with vast development space.

Wang Yifan: Upon arriving at the university, we were not attracted by it when passing by, as it has nothing special judging from the appearance. It looked not the least like a top university. It was not until we exchanged with Professor Alain and the teacher from the Office of International Communication that we had a deeper understanding about it and learn the reasons behind its success: it has a high teacher-student ratio; there are 800 teaching staff out of its 2000 teachers and students; another 1200 are students; it supports the sufficient and individualized development of all students and provides them with adequate education resources, which is a valuable reference for us.

Zhang Yuchao: The food, clothing and architecture of the Europeans manifest that they are detail-focusing and ritual sense pursuing, which to me, is very important. A detail focusing person is always earnest, pursuing perfection and taking everything seriously. Living with a sense of ritual and paying attention to details is a kind of attitude toward life.