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2019 ICARE Summer Camp Successfully Completed
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On June 15th, 2019, 2019 ICARE Summer Camp kicked-off in the West Fifth building. ICARE Deputy Dean Mr.Yi Hui, ICARE Project Coordinator Prof. Alain THOREL, ICARE Research Center Director Prof. Hu Song, Education Center Director Ms. Liu Yang attended the opening ceremony. About 30 students from colleges and universities across the country attended the opening ceremony.

First of all, Mr. Yi Hui welcomed the campers. He introduced the basic situation, schooling characteristics and advantages of ICARE. He hoped that the campers would learn more about ICARE and apply for the postgraduate programme of ICARE.

Prof. Alain THOREL introduced his position, his research area and the courses taught by the ICARE European flying professors. He also said that ICARE has made great achievements in China and Europe, the development of ICARE has made a significant contribution to the sustainable development of renewable energy; ICARE has received full political support from all relevant countries, including France, and is the best example of fruitful cooperation highlighted by the French Consul General; the true spirit of cooperation between China and Europe being a symbolic model worthy publicizing. Finally, he stressed that learning at ICARE will be intense and painstaking, but in this China-Europe dual platform, students will gain more knowledge and strength.

Prof. Hu Song and Ms. Liu Yang made a detailed explanation of the research platform of the institute, the sources of Chinese teachers, the enrollment policy, and the application process.

On the afternoon of June 16th, under the guidance of Mr. Li Zhitian, Assistant to the Research Center Director of ICARE, the campers visited the Wuhan New Energy Research Institute. Wuhan New Energy Research Institute is the landmark building of Wuhan Future Science City. In this low-energy, pollution-free, clean and ecological building that makes rational use of natural resources such as water, wind, and solar energy, the campers experienced the unique charm of new energy technologies, enhanced their interest in research, and became clearer about their goals and ways of achieving those.