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ICARE organized a career training camp
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To further improve the student career education and employment guidance service system, the career training camp of ICARE was held at Huazhong University of Science and Technology on May 9. Ms. Kong Shu, Deputy Director of the University’s Career Development Center, Dr. Zou Ming Qing, Vice Dean of ICARE, Ms. Liu Yang, Director of the Education Center, Ms. Zheng Jing, Advisor of Global Governance Association, Mr. Li Zhitian, Employment advisor and some students from class 2021 participated in the activity. Ms. Kong Shu stressed the importance of holding the training camp. She expressed her expectations for the students with three keywords: “happiness, luck and confidence” and encouraged the students to make career plans, seize employment opportunities and strive to achieve personal goals in a tough job market. Dr. Zou Mingqing said that with the continuous progress and development of social productivity, job competition is nowadays increasingly fierce, and employment difficulty has become a problem that cannot be ignored. Then, Mr. Li Zhitian introduced the employment situation of ICARE students over the past five years and the schedule of the training camp. Over the years, ICARE has always been committed to providing career planning and career guidance services to students, helping them develop reasonable career planning and employment programs, and actively providing employment information and resources to help students better understand the needs and trends of the job market. The career training camp is not only an important part but also the beginning of a series of employment activities. ICARE will hold a series of practical job-hunting skills training and experience-sharing activities to help students find jobs.