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Joint Research Center for New Energy Innovation between ICARE
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On October 7, ICARE- Foshan Fozhao Smart City Technology Co., LTD. (Hubei Hanjiang Zero Carbon Technology Co., LTD.) Joint Research Institute successfully launched. The two sides signed a MOU of "Joint Research Institute strategic cooperation". Mr. Wu Shenghui, Chairman and President of Foshan Electrical Lighting Co., LTD., Mr. Jiao Zhigang, Executive director of Foshan Zhicheng Technology Co., LTD., Mr. Zhang Shuoming, chairman of Hubei Jianghan Zero Carbon Technology Co., LTD., Prof. Luo Xiaobing, Chinese dean of ICARE and Dr. Zou Mingqing, vice dean of ICARE attended the ceremony.

Mr. Wu Shenghui welcomed the arrival of Prof. Luo and his delegation. He introduced the development of the enterprise in detail, the current technical innovation of the industry and the future development goals. He pointed out that the market development of enterprises is inseparable from the innovation. The company will increase the investment of production, university collaboration and fully implement the life cycle management from the scientific research to the market development.

Prof. Luo Xiaobing said that in recent years, the school-enterprise cooperation model not only transfers some patents and scientific research results, but also involves industry landing, which really helps enterprises to enhance product innovation ability and create greater value for enterprises.

After the signature of this strategic cooperation agreement, ICARE will give full play to the disciplinary advantages of new energy-related industries, and promote scientific and technological innovation and achievement transformation. Fozhao Smart City will rely on its own strong production capacity, combined with new product research and development planning, to achieve market landing. The two sides will jointly promote the scientific research achievements of "thermal management", "energy management system", "light efficiency and display quantum dot lighting technology".

Under the leadership of the main responsible personnel of the company, Prof. Luo and his delegation visited the automatic production plant and the exhibition hall of lighting products.