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Prof. Luo Xiaobing, Chinese Dean of ICARE, participated in the conference of the Sino-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools
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The Presidium Meeting and Expert Committee Work Seminar of Chinese-foreign Joint Education Committee was held in Lingshui, Hainan from October 28 to 29. The conference was organized by the Chinese-foreign Joint Education Committee and hosted by the Hainan Li'an International Education Innovation Pilot Zone Administration Bureau.


Professor Luo Xiaobing, the Chinese Dean of ICARE, attended the conference and discussed the current challenges faced by Sino-foreign cooperation with the experts. He also offered suggestions to promote the outstanding cases of Sino-foreign cooperation in education and provided valuable insights on how to improve the ability of international education.


Furthermore, Prof.Luo Xiaobing participated in the "International Talent Training Forum for Interdisciplinary Integration under the Background of Digital Economy" held by the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications at Lingshui Campus on the same day. He presented a keynote report entitled "Exploration and Practice of International Talent Training Model for Graduate Students in New Energy Disciplines", using ICARE as an example to share the experience of interdisciplinary international talent training.


The Chinese-foreign Joint Education Committee, established in August 2014, is a national social platform engaged in exchanges and cooperation in Chinese-foreign cooperative school running. ICARE, as one of the initiators, has been re-elected as the chairman unit for three terms.