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Professor Luo Xiaobing, the Chinese Dean of ICARE, was elected ASME Fellow
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 The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has announced its list of new Fellows. One of the elected Fellows is Professor Luo Xiaobing from Huazhong University of Science and Technology's School of Energy and Power Engineering/ICARE.



Founded in 1880, ASME is an international non-profit educational and technical organization with nearly 100,000 members globally. The ASME Fellow title is given to honor major achievements and outstanding contributors of mechanical engineering on an international level. Each year, ASME selects Fellows, with the number of selected fellows not exceeding one-thousandth of the total number of members. The qualification examination for becoming an ASME Fellow is very strict, requiring more than 10 years of work experience and 10 years of participation, or more than 20 years of work experience and more than 5 years of participation. Additionally, recommendation letters from 5 senior members or 2 associates are required.


Professor Luo Xiaobing and his research team have made significant contributions to various research fields. They have focused on thermal management of power electronic devices, micro-pump technology for liquid cooling, advanced electronic packaging, and motion modeling of high-speed rotating parts in fluids. The team has also revealed the suspension mechanism of hydraulic and electromagnetic force coupling and invented the suspension micro-pump, which provides the core device for high-temperature thermal management systems. Furthermore, the team has expounded on the heat transfer law in deep-sea operation logging instruments under complex boundaries. They have successfully developed an efficient thermal management system that integrates separation-storage-conductance and has been operated in the South China Sea.


Professor Luo Xiaobing is a current professor at the School of Energy and Power Engineering at Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Additionally, he holds the position of Dean at the same school and is the Chinese Dean of ICARE. He is also an IEEE Fellow. He obtained his bachelor's and master's degrees from Huazhong University of Science and Technology and his doctorate from Tsinghua University. Following this, he worked at Samsung Headquarters in South Korea before returning to China and joining the faculty of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. He was nominated for the Special Prize of Excellent Teachers in 2020 and the second Prize of the National Teaching Achievement Award in 2018. Additionally, he has received numerous awards such as the 2016 IEEE CPMT Exceptional Technical Achievement Award (IEEE Packaging Association Outstanding Technical Achievement Award), Second Prize of National Technical Invention in 2016 (ranked 2nd), and First Prize of Natural Science in Hubei Province in 2015. As a first author or corresponding author, he has published 173 SCI research papers, 55 national patents, 5 U.S. patents, and 1 monograph in both Chinese and English. He has also served as an Associate Editor of IEEE Packaging Journal and ASME Electronic Packaging Journal, as well as Vice General Chair of the American ASME InterPACK Conference (Silicon Valley, USA) twice in 2019 and 2018.