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Our supervisor and students participated in the Binchuang Cup and won the first prize in Smart City Technology and Creative Design Competition
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 The 9th China Graduate Smart City Technology and Creative Design Competition, also known as the "Binchuang Cup," was held in Hangzhou from November 2 to November 4, 2023. The event saw the participation of 2,194 teams from 234 universities, comprising 7,231 individuals. After the preliminary evaluation, 166 teams qualified for the final. In the final round, a panel of experts reviewed the projects and selected the first to third-prize winners. A total of 20 first prizes, 41 second prizes, and 93 third prizes were awarded, along with 46 excellent team awards and 36 excellent supervisory awards. Among the winners was Mr. Ding Yizhou's team, consisting of ICARE students, who won the first prize for their project titled "Precision Scheduling of New Power System Driven by Hybrid High-Dimensional Data and Model." ICARE's supervisor, Prof. Li Yuanzheng, was also recognized with an excellent supervisory award.


Since the competition opened in June, Mr. Ding Yizhou joined a team composed of students from other schools at HUST and devoted himself to research work. In the final round, the team members carefully prepared for each part of their presentation and defence. They designed a state estimation method based on a deep neural network to solve the problem of insufficient estimation robustness and difficult processing of bad data. To address issues such as the dispatch not adapting to the rapid fluctuations of new energy, the team combined prediction and estimation information to construct an online-offline scheduling model using deep learning. This achieved a 22.04% increase in new energy consumption and a 32.29% reduction in system network loss.