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The team of Professor Miao Xiangshui, a Chinese supervisor of ICARE, has new progress in memristor memory and computing integration technology
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 A review paper titled "Self-rectifying memristors for three-dimensional in-memory computing" was published online on November 16 by Advanced Materials. The paper was written by a team led by Professor Miao Xiangshui, who serves as a mentor at the School of Integrated Circuits and the China -EU Institute for Clean and Renewable Energy. Dr. Ren Shengguang is the paper's first author, and Associate Professor Li Yi and Prof..Miao Xiangshui are the co-corresponding authors.


The research was supported by several organizations, including the National Science and Technology Innovation 2030 "Brain Science and Brain-like Research" major project, the National Key Research Plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Major Research Plan Cultivation project of the National Natural Science Foundation, and Hubei Jiangcheng Laboratory.