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New progress of Associate Professor Li Pengfei, Chinese supervisor of ICARE
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The development of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and other information technologies require a large memory system. However, traditional storage systems can no longer meet the system requirements as new applications require large storage capacity, low operation latency, and strong system security. Therefore, the construction of large memory systems with high performance and strong security has become the development trend of storage systems. Its architecture and security mechanism are now considered as a basic international problem with significant academic importance.

The research team of Associate Prof. Li Pengfei, a Chinese supervisor of ICARE, is focused on pushing the boundaries of international academic research. They believe that persistence is the key principle for developing a large memory system. Based on this principle, the team has constructed a basic methodology and specific implementation mechanism for the memory system. They have made significant progress in areas such as asynchronous cache refresh mechanisms, decoupling memory operation, and fine-grained atomization transaction persistence. The result of their work is a high-performance, safe, and durable memory system. This system provides crucial theoretical support and a novel implementation method for addressing the performance bottleneck of memory systems.


Relying on the first principle of the large memory system, the research team carried out comprehensive research work at the device layer, system layer and security layer, focusing on the large memory system, the core scientific problem of academia and the key technology of industry, and taking high-performance safe and durable memory system as a breakthrough. He has published many influential academic papers in Class A international conferences and journals of China Computer Society such as FAST, HPCA, ASPLOS, VLDB, DAC, ACM TOS, ACM TACO, etc. He won two best paper awards from USENIX FAST 2023 and IEEE/ACM IWQoS 2023 international conferences. The relevant work has been cited and positively evaluated by many international authoritative scholars such as ACM Fellow, IEEE Fellow, and SOSP/SIGMOD Best Paper Award winner. The software system implemented in the research work releases the source code in the open source community, and the open source contribution rate in the field of persistent memory software systems ranks the top in the world and is widely used and evaluated.


Associate Professor Li Pengfei has applied for three national invention patents and has been granted two authorized invention patents. He has also been invited to give special presentations at international and domestic academic conferences and enterprise forums, including the international conference MSC 2023, as well as the New Storage System Forum at the 2022 China Chip Conference. The prototype system has been successfully applied in the industry, supporting 7x24 hours high-concurrency cloud storage service, which solves the problem of rapid memory recovery in the current large model system.