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New progress has been made by the team, led by Associate Professor Long Rui, supervisor of ICARE: A theoretical system based on the synergy and dissipation of energy and mass transport on a macroscopic level
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Energy is a major global concern and reducing industrial energy consumption and improving energy efficiency is a priority. China's industrial energy consumption accounts for over 70% of the total energy consumption, and the energy consumption per unit of output value is twice the world average level. Reducing industrial energy consumption is crucial for implementing the national low-carbon strategy and ensuring sustainable development of the national economy. To achieve energy savings, it's necessary to reduce the heat consumption of equipment and the power consumption of the system. Therefore, this project aims to construct unified equations of energy and mass transfer, reveal the cooperative mechanism and energy and mass dissipation mechanism of energy and mass transfer, develop dissipation-minimization multi-field cooperative energy and mass transfer strengthening theory and method, and provide a theoretical basis for the design and development of high energy efficiency and low power consumption industrial energy and mass transfer equipment.


The team, led by Associate Professor Long Rui, has constructed cooperative equations for heat, mass, work and kinetic energy transfer to describe the cooperative mechanism of multiple physical fields in energy and mass transfer. They based their equations on the existing cooperative equation. The formula includes various numbers such as Nusselt number, Sherwood number, Euler number, power consumption Euler number, Reynolds number, Prandtl number, and Schmidt number. Additionally, Li is a dimensionless number proposed in the research project.


The project aims to construct unified equations for macroscopic energy transport and propose a theoretical system for describing macroscopic energy transport phenomena. This system is based on the synergistic and dissipative characteristics of energy transport.


Since 2022, Associate Professor Long Rui has published 19 important research papers in SCI journals and obtained four invention patents. His project's outcomes were awarded the second prize of National Natural Science in 2020 and the first prize of Natural Science in Hubei Province in 2019. His work has been cited over 4,100 times in WOS core collection.