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ICARE student Winter Solstice theme activity
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On the evening of December 23rd, ICARE organized a Winter Solstice theme activity on the fourth floor of the Clean Energy Building. The purpose of the activity was to promote traditional culture, foster a sense of belonging among students, and enhance their cohesion. A total of 30 students participated in the event.


The activity began with a presentation by student Li Ruonan on the topic of "Deepening the understanding and practice of cultural self-confidence". She delved into the rich historical background of cultural confidence, explained its significance in detail, and highlighted the diversity and uniqueness of traditional Chinese solar terms. Then, students Tang Jia and Zhan Kainan introduced the traditional festival of Winter Solstice and its related customs in both Chinese and English.


Following the presentations, students gathered to make dumplings. The hall was filled with laughter, and the atmosphere was warm as the students shared their experiences in making dumplings. Some students even added pistachios to the dumplings' stuffing, hoping to bring good luck to those who ate them. The event ended in a lively and peaceful scene.