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ICARE and Valeo signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation
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On March 22nd, ICARE and Valeo Interior Controls (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Wuhan Branch signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation. Mr. Emil Saban, Vice President of R&D & Projects, Mr. Yael Chambrin, Director of Software, Mr. Wang Changbo, Director of R&D, Mr. Zhou Zhanfeng, General Manager of R&D Center, Prof. Luo Xiaobing, dean of ICARE and Dr. Zou Mingqing, vice dean of ICARE, attended the signing ceremony. 


Valeo is a global leading supplier of automotive components, systems, modules design, development, production, and sales. The company provides support services for global automobile manufacturers and is an industry leader in the fields of automotive comfort& driving assistance systems, and more. Founded in 1923, Valeo is committed to promoting the development of clean energy technology.


Mr.Emil Saban emphasized that the signing of the memorandum will create new development opportunities for both parties and further promote the growth of the clean energy industry through collaborative efforts in research projects, talent cultivation, and industrial upgrading. Luo Xiaobing added that the strategic partnership will establish a community of industry-education integration in the new energy sector, leading to all-around cooperation in scientific research and talent development. The partnership will also establish a system of mutual education of talents and cultivate outstanding engineers with innovation and practical experience. Mr. Wang Changbo further elaborated on how both parties can collaborate to jointly nurture talent, establish internship and practice bases, and work together on research projects.


The signing of this memorandum marks an important milestone in the cooperation between the two sides. Both parties aim to share resources, complement each other's strengths, and develop synergistically through strategic cooperation. Furthermore, they strive to strengthen research and application in the field of clean energy by establishing a mechanism for joint training of engineers. This partnership also seeks to promote the integrated development of industry, universities, and research. By achieving in-depth integration and mutual benefits, the two sides will jointly contribute to global green and sustainable development.