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Electrical energy efficiency_Part I and II (20130107-20130125)
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From January 9th, 2013 to January 25th, 2013, the Master 2 course "Electrical Energy Efficiency Part I&II" will be taught by faculties from University of Zaragoza.

A general introcution of this course:


- Dr. Angel A. BAYOD

- Dr. Luis I. DÍEZ

Duration: 3 week

Introduction to the Course:

Energy efficiency is an important issue for thestudents involved in this Master. Basic aspects of energy efficiency arepresented in this course, related to electricity generation, distribution, management,use and transformation. Then, different aspects of energy efficiency inelectrical systems are analysed. Potential of energy savings and determinationof electric losses are shown and discussed. In particular, efficiency ofelectrical power plants, consumptions in equipment and losses in conductors,electrical motors and drives, and transformers are considered.


1. Fundamentalsof Energy Efficiency (EE) in electrical systems

1.1. Fundamentalsof Energy Efficiency

1.2. Firstand Second Law of Thermodynamics

1.3. Potentialof EE in electrical systems.

1.4. Fundamentalsof EE in electrical systems

1.5. Reactivepower compensation

2. EEin electric power generation

2.1. Efficiencyin thermoelectric power generation

2.2. Electricitygeneration by renewable sources

2.3. Distributedgeneration

2.4. Efficiencyin cogeneration and polygeneration plants

3. EEin equipment

3.1. EEin distribution systems

3.2. EEin transformers

3.3. EEin motors

3.4. EEin pumps, fans and compressors

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