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Biomass energy technology_Part II (20121119-20121130)
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From November 19th to 30th, 2012, the Master 2 (class 2013) course "Biomass energy technology_Part II" was taught by lecturers from University of Zaragoza.

The general introduction of this course is as following:


- Prof. Cristobal CORTES,

- Prof. Inmaculada ARAUZO

Duration: 2 weeks

Introduction to theCourse:

The course focuses on energy uses of biomassdifferent from combustion (studied in part I)

- Anaerobicdigestión of wet waste biomass

- Biomassgasification and pyrolysis

- Description and basiccalculation of biomass gasifyers.

Teaching Schedule:


1 Sourcesof wet waste biomass. (3h)

2 Biogasproduction and use (4.5 h)

3 Digestersizing and plant feasibility (1.5 h)

4 Introdutionto biomass gasification and pyrolysis (1.5 h)

5 Biomasspyrolysis and bio-oil production (2 h)

6 Descriptionand design of gasifyers (5.5 h)

7 Gasificationtheory and models (3.5 h)

8 Liquidbiofuels (1.5h)


1 Calculation and feasibility study or abiogas system (5h)

2 balances and equilibrium model of biomassgasification (6h)

3 Miniproject woking in groups : pre-designand feasibility study of a biomass plant (9h)

For detailed description, please click here to download it.

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