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Geothermal energy_Part I (20121105-20121116)
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  From November 5th to 16th, 2012, the Master 2 (class 2013) course "Geothermal energy_Part I" was taught by lectuerers from La Sapienza-CIRPS.

  A general introduction is as following:


  - Prof. Claudio Margottini (week 1)

  - Prof. Enrico Pandeli (week 2)


  Introductionto the Course:

  This Course provides: 1) A detailed view on themagmatic and geothermal fluids (chemistry, liquid / gas ratio , salinity, hardness, etc.) andgeothermometers; 2) Applications of geochemistry of the geothermal fluids; 3) Ageneral view on the different types of geothermal power plants and exchangers;4) A general view on EGS and UGS projects and combined systems (solar, biomass, wind, geothermal) in the World; 5)Use direct and indirect uses of geothermal fluids; 6) Practice and final reportabout the developing of a middle-high enthalpy geothermal field (from the fieldsurveys to the building up of the power plant)

  Course Aims:The aims of this Course are to:

  · Improve the knowledge of the geothermal fluids and of the different types of geothermal power plants and applications;

  · Increase skills in the design and development of medium and high enthalpy geothermal fields;

  Learning Outcomes:

  By the end of this Course students should have gained:

  · Knowledge and Understanding:

  · Intellectual Skills:

  · Professional Practice Skills

  · Transferable Skills: Course Book:

  · Prints of Pdf Presentations and bibliography

  Teaching Methods:

  Informatic presentations through Power Point program; maps and paper documents to develop different exercises and final report


  The lectures will introduce practice in the geothermal exploration and exploitation



  The minimum teaching hour is 16H in each week.




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