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EU-funded advanced training course on solar photovoltaic technology
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Trainers: Senior trainer of the French TRANSENERGIE new energy center

Training Location: ICARE, Wuhan

Training time: January 15 – 17, 2013

The number of trainees: About 15 people

Training fees: This training course is an EU-funded project, training fees waived. Only 600 RMB per person will be charged to cover the costs for training materials and the lunches and dinners during the 3 days training, accommodation will be arranged on the own expense of trainees.

Training Purpose:

To transmit essential knowledge on the conception, the implementation and the monitoring of photovoltaic plant connected to the medium/high electrical power network (from 10kWp to some MWp)

At the end of this training, each participant will be able to:

- Understand the operation of a photovoltaic installation connected to the electrical network

- Understand general characteristics of the main photovoltaic system components

- Handle the whole electrical engineering of a photovoltaic installation

- Through interactive questions with the trainer, the trainees have the opportunity to get feed back

for solving the technical problems encountered in their practical work.


1. Current status and prospects of the development of photovoltaic industry in EU countries

2. Solar field

- Solar radiation

- The nature of solar radiation

- Components of solar radiation

- Shadings

3. Presentation and comparison of photovoltaic technologies, cells and modules

- Crystalline silicon

- Thin films

- The photovoltaic effect

- Main electrical cell parameters (I=f(U))

- Cell and module efficiency

- Photovoltaic module layout, standards

- Influence of radiation and temperature

- Different technologies : advantages and disadvantages

- Parallel and series modules connection

4. Synchronous inverter operation and photovoltaic systems architecture

- Inverter operating principle

- Inverters characteristics

- Inverter efficiency

- Designing of an inverter

- Different inverter architectures (centralized, chain inverter, micro inverter, converter, etc.)

- DIN VDE 0126-1-1

5. Integration techniques – BIPV, Building Integrated Photovoltaics

6. Photovoltaic power plants techniques

7. Rules for implementation of photovoltaic installations (practical guide C15 712-1)

- Protection of stakeholders

- Protection of people

- Protection of goods

- Selection and dimensioning of DC and AC components

8. Photovoltaic system performance evaluation: calculation and software simulation

9. Case study

- Dimensioning of a medium power photovoltaic installation BIPV: module layout, conception, single-line diagram, wiring and protection dimensioning, calculation of producible, etc

- Dimensioning demonstration with PVsyst (software)

Training certificate:

Issue of training certificate by TRANSENERGIE for qualified trainees.


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