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Alumni visiting and deepen the collaboration between ICARE and enterprises
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On June 15th, Dr. Zou Mingqing, the Vice Dean led a delegation of ICARE to visit Changjiang Institute of Survey, Planning, Design and Research (CISPDR) and to visit our alumni. Mr. Liu Haibo, the Manager of New Energy Company, Mr. He Jie, Chief Engineer, Mr. Zhao Xin, Senior Consultant from Changjiang survey, planning and Design side have warmly welcome the delegation.


Mr. He Jie fully affirmed the outstanding performance of our alumni, and introduced the history and future development plan of the company. Other participants from the CISPDR side made detailed explanations on the technical strength and achievements of the company, including a number of national patents, such as floating photovoltaic on water, underground nuclear power, etc.


Dr. Zou Mingqing thanked the company for the cultivation and recognition of ICARE alumni, and further introduced the basic school running situation and future development plan of ICARE. He wished this in-depth exchanges with the enterprise will build a school-enterprise exchange channel and a school-enterprise cooperation mode.


Both sides expressed the willingness to further deepen the cooperation and explore the collaborative possibilities from multiple levels.