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    NameXinguang Cui

    TitleAssociate Professor

    Research field and teaching course


    Personal home page崔新光-航空航天学院 (hust.edu.cn)http://ae.hust.edu.cn/info/1093/1144.htm



    1, Numerical modeling aerosol transport in the biological and environmental fluids. Start funding, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China, 2019-2022

    2, CFD study the flow field and aerosol transport in a whole-lung airway model using large eddy simulation, collocate with Texas Tech University, USA, 2018-2019

    3, Assessing Biomass Resources in USA with Geospatial Modelling Method and Billion-Ton Data, DOE project, LBNL, USA

    4, Generating Seasonal LAI of Crop and Grass based on MODIS product, LBNL, USA

    5, Quantifying fossil and biospheric CO2 fluxes in California using ground-based and satellite observations, NASA project, LBNL, USA

    6, Wildfire impacting the electricity grid in CA in long term, CEC project, LBNL, USA

    7, Source Sector Survey of Natural gas emissions from California Infrastructure, CEC project, LBNL, USA

    8, Atmospheric Measurement and Inverse Modeling to Improve Greenhouse Gas Emission Estimates, CARB project, LBNL, USA

    9, Speciation of Central Valley GHG Emission using In-Situ Measurements of Volatile Organic Compounds, CARB project, LBNL, USA

    10, Dissipative particle dynamics applying in the atomistic force Microscope tip, University of California Merced, USA

    11, Vortex generation and bubble motion in a microfluidic mixer with PZT actuation, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

    12, CFD study on the flow field and particle deposition and dispersion in the human upper respiratory system, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany

    13, Numerical simulation of supersonic impinging jet, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

    14, Construction of high-order compact scheme, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China


    [1] Atyabi S A, Afshari E, Song W, Cui* X. Numerical simulation of membrane humidifier with different flow fields for medical application. Medicine in Novel Technology and Devices, 2022: 100124.

    [2] Wang J, Jing H, Feng Y, Ge H, Chen L, Lin J, Xi Z, Cui* X. Numerical investigations of the particle deposition in the human terminal alveoli under the Martian gravity. Powder Technology, 2023, 415: 118193.

    [3] 冯亚宁, 崔新光*. 不同环境温度对人体呼吸道内颗粒物沉积规律的影响. 医用生物力学, 2023, 38(3).

    [4] Ge H, Zhao P, Choi S, Deng T, Feng Y, Cui* X. Effects of face shield on an emitter during a cough process: a large-eddy simulation study. Science of the Total Environment, 2022, 831: 154856.

    [5] Ge H, Chen L, Xu C, Cui* X. Large-eddy simulation of droplet-contained cough jets with a manikin model. Indoor and Built Environment, 2022, 31: 1271-1286.

    [6] Wang L, Ge H, Chen L, Hajipour A, Feng Y, Cui* X. LES study on the impact of airway deformation on the airflow structures in the idealized mouth-throat model. Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering, 2022, 44: 1-16.

    [7] Narayanana J, Lin J, Feng Y, Cui*,# X. Numerical study on the impact of mucus layer and inlet air-temperatures on the particle deposition in a highly idealized mouth-throat model using LES. Powder Technology, 2022, 395: 455-475.

    [8] Chen W, Wang L, Chen L, Ge* H, Cui* X. Numerical study of the impact of glottis properties on the airflow field in the human trachea using v-LES. Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology, 2021, 295(1): 103784.


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